Coolax USA

Emergency Services

With Coolax USA you are our number one priority.

During evenings, weekends, and holidays, we are available.

When you call our emergency service line:

A knowledgeable answering service representative will gather your information.

A text is immediately dispatched to an on-call technician and a supervisor.

The on-call AC technician will then call you to answer any questions or schedule the service.

You will receive a courtesy call when the tech is on the way.

Our Certified Technicians are The Best!



Quality Preventive maintenance can reduce commercial HVAC maintenance costs by up to 40%.

**Why do I need routine air conditioning maintenance**

Ø  Reduced total cost of ownership

Ø  Optimized system performance

Ø  Operational budget control

Ø  Increased system uptime

Ø  Prioritized emergency service

Ø  Peace of mind

**which Industries can use our Preventive Maintenance Program**

ü  Theme Parks/Attractions

ü  Healthcare

ü  Manufacturing & Industrial

ü  Commercial Office

ü  Data Centers/Mission Critical

ü  Technology

ü  Hospitality

ü  Institutional

ü  Education

ü  Restaurants

ü  Retail